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What Time Was Hillary Born?

A couple of months ago, The Mountain Astrologer Magazine (TMA) published a query on Hillary Clinton’s birth time.  It is most widely reported as 8:02 am on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, IL.  However, TMA also points out that there is talk of her birth time being 8:02 pm, something which I found intriguing when I looked at that chart.  But there were other birth times available on the Internet a year ago – and I know this because I used a time closer to 11:45 pm when I wrote about her 6th House Lilith (this time gives her a 3rd House Sun and places her partile Pluto/Mars conjunction very close to a Leo Ascendant).
It is quite possible that wrong birth times have been deliberately circulated (a lot of politicians quietly believe in astrology, and don’t want the public knowing their time of birth).  It is also possible that there are a few birth times out there due to the level of curiosity about Hillary, because there are so many facets to her personality, and hypothetically, a number of different charts could make sense for her.

For the moment though, I would like to consider the 8:02 pm chart, and compare it with the 8:02 am chart.  Please note that I am perfectly willing to go along with the 8:02 am chart, which I think could make a lot of sense should she become President, since it emphasizes an incredibly dark and powerful Vedic Moon.  Should her career peak be achieved as Secretary of State, I will always wonder if the 8:02 pm chart does not in fact make more sense.
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Let’s look at the 8:02 pm chart above:

From a western perspective, your choice of chart comes down to whether you believe Hillary’s 5th House (8:02 pm) or 12th House (8:02 am) should be emphasized.  5th House makes sense if you place more emphasis on the fact that the 5th House represents politics, and taking huge gambles.  12th House makes sense if you believe that evolutionary astrologers are correct in saying that the 12th House operates in a work setting, and planets therein all contribute talents to the professional arena, which goes a long way to explaining how Hillary has managed to achieve “power behind the throne” in so many settings.

Here are a few more arguments for the 8:02 pm birth chart:

1.        At 8:02 pm, the 10th House Cusp and Mid-Heaven is partile conjunct Deneb Adige, a star associated with public life and gifted leadership.  This star and the nearby Formalhut were believed to be very prominent in the life of the Prophet Mohammed.  The 8:02 am horoscope has no prominent fixed star partile conjunct the MC.

2.       The 8:02 pm chart has the Moon partile conjunct the fixed star Scheat, the “shit star”.  Hillary Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Rodham, suffered horrendous abuse as a child.  This clearly fits the meaning of Scheat.  I wrote about the abuse of Dorothy Rodham in detail in my article on 6th House Lilith, and the NY Times article on her life is included in the sources of my article.  Assuming that Hillary does not have a 6th House Lilith, an aspect like Moon partile conjunct Scheat does go a long way to explaining Dorothy Rodham’s life.

Lilith in the 6th House:  The Executive

3.        The 8:02 pm chart places Hillary’s Moon in the Vedic asterism of Uttara Bhadrapada.  The 8:02 am chart places it in the earlier asterism of Purva Bhadrapada, perhaps the darkest and most power-hungry of any of the 27 asterisms.  Hillary’s personality and life experience is more consistent with Uttara Bhadrapada, in my opinion.

Uttara Bhadrapada is said to be a mysterious nakshatra whose motives are always hard to know.  The person is said to act from the needs of the moment rather than from any instinctual archetype.  UB is said to have a strong calculative quality – it does everything carefully and with restraint.  Its ambitions are not self-serving and it is praised for qualities like empathy and understanding.  UB is also said to benefit tremendously from legacies, gifts, donors, and inheritances (Hillary Clinton would not have become a political leader in her own right without her marriage to Bill Clinton, and she has proved to be a phenomenal fundraiser without lifting a finger, as the "Ready for Hillary" crowd does it for her).

If the 8:02 am chart is correct, Hillary’s Vedic Moon is in Purva Bhadrapada. Purva Bhadrapada is business-oriented, not service-oriented, although paradoxically, it is associated with some service professions.  It is linked to pharmaceuticals, physicians, psychiatrists, the dark side of the ruling elite, creative artists, homicide detectives, and all professions using fire and high temperatures.  It is said to place everything at the disposal of its spouse, and its capacity for revenge is well-known.  PB is focused on earning money, and stingy with everyone except their partners.  It is also highly secretive.  Even those who don’t like Hillary would admit that this asterism is not as “close a fit” for her  personality as the public discerns it – although there are many detractors who might point out that this delineation is actually a “better fit”, according to their perception of Hillary.

4.        From a western perspective, a Gemini Ascendant is more consistent with Hillary’s life experience than a Scorpio Ascendant. This is the 8:00 pm chart, and not the 8:02 pm chart (by 8:02 pm, the Ascendant is on 0 degrees Cancer).  In “12 Times 12: 144 Sign/Ascendant Combinations” by Joan McEvers, a Gemini Ascendant is noted for revolutionary ideas (Hillary’s failed attempt to reform US health care), and for a diplomatic tongue.  Because her Ascendant is right on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer, I went with Gemini, since I sense it very strongly in Hillary’s personality.  

MY NOTE:  The trouble is that the 8:02 am chart places Mercury right on the Ascendant, and gives Hillary a Virgo Mid-Heaven, which would also account for powerful gifts associated with Mercury, like clever diplomacy and outside-the-box thinking. This makes it difficult for me to discount the 8:02 am chart, but even more convinced that Hillary is extremely hard to pin down.  If the 8:02 am chart is correct, a well-aspected Lord of the Mid-Heaven placed on the Ascendant is often a strong indicator of power and luck.

5.            The Sun in the 5th House is also said to let sex permeate their life (this certainly isn’t always true, but it can’t be ignored in terms of 5th House associations, either).  Christopher Hitchens reported that Hillary was a lesbian at Oxford (where she accompanied Bill Clinton when he was on scholarship there).  Her bisexual relationship with Huma Abedin is/was also widely known, if not reported in mainstream media.  (A powerful Neptune right on the 5th House cusp may have served to shroud Hillary’s sex life in fog, offering her some privacy from the public.)

Now let’s look at the 8:02 am chart briefly:

The 8:02 am morning chart would give her a 12th House Scorpio Sun and a Scorpio Ascendant.  Joan McEvers describes this archetype as an “iron fist in a velvet glove”.  It is less of a diplomat, more dictatorial, and not known for revolutionary ideas.  To date, Hillary Clinton has only made her name as a top diplomat, so a part of me would feel more comfortable using the 8:00 pm Gemini Ascendant, which is more consistent with her actual achievements.  Still, the 8:02 am chart gives us Mercury at 21 degrees Scorpio, and the Ascendant at 22 degrees Scorpio (partile conjunct Alpha Serpentis, a fixed star associated with obstables to achievement and difficulty in relationships), and this could account for her sharp mind and talented diplomacy.  

MY NOTE:  Even more frustrating in terms of pinning down a time, the 8:02 pm chart places Uranus very near Hillary’s Ascendant, which could certainly account for revolutionary ideas.  The 8:02 am chart, however, places Ketu 1 degree away from her Scorpio Ascendant.  Ketu is associated with “losing one’s head” and “becoming a renunciate”, something within the realm of possibility during the 2016 election, or even later, should she become President.

As I noted earlier, 12th House planets get used in the professional arena.  12th House Sun  makes a lot of sense for Hillary, because she is adept at negotiating a lot of hidden enemies in the work setting, and excels at getting the best out a professional environment that offers a lot of unforeseen detours and competing agendas.  Mercury in the 12th House brings to mind a rather old and obscure reference from 4th century astrologer Firmacus Maternus – he notes it was the “job” of 12th House Mercury to bear a child or children for a man who required a legacy – one suspects this might have been true of Hillary early in her career, when Bill needed to have a family in order to convince the traditional electorate in Arkansas of his fitness for being governor.  

Venus in the 12th shows her popularity with women voters, a key to her success so far.  Additionally, a 12th House Venus suggests workplace romance, or the gift of seduction (not necessarily sexual) at critical points in one's career.   Chiron in the 12th House inspires respect for its wisdom in a work setting, but is also said to be something of a chronic under-achiever (this image would certainly be dispelled should she capture the Presidency, one might hope).

Observations by Firmacus Maternus offer us some fascinating glimpses of the two possible horoscopes for Hillary, but little help in pinning down a time.  Consider the following:

8:02 am 
Mercury together with Jupiter on the Ascendant in a diurnal (day birth) chart “will make the natives famous and glorious, in charge of states, or among the first ten in great states; or they will be judges who will restore the law to provinces and states and who always delight in just processes of law."
This undated photo was the most photogenic picture I found of Hillary as a young woman.
8:02 pm
If the Moon is found in the 10th House in a nocturnal chart in signs in which she rejoices or is exalted (not the case for Hillary), if she is waxing and protected by a favorable aspect of Jupiter (both are true for Hillary), this will make the greatest emperors and most powerful governors with powers of life and death. Also, she produces regularly elected consuls.

Personally, I can’t make up my mind about the most widely accepted birth time of 8:02 am for Hillary.  There is an awful lot that seems to augur for the accuracy of the 8:02 pm chart.  I am willing to accept that the 11:45 birth time that I used as a basis for writing about Hilary’s 6th House Lilith is most likely not accurate.

The public will get a much better sense of her personality as delineated by both western astrology and Jyotish if we get the opportunity to see her on the extremely broad stage of the Presidency, or even during the 2016 election cycle.  Not having a precise birth time on Hillary makes it very hard to know what one is dealing with, and she is so versatile and multi-faceted that rectification based on personality and achievements becomes very difficult. 
One final thought:  If Hillary is indeed a Purva Bhadrapada Moon (8:02 am), she might be very likely to deliberately obscure the public knowledge of her birth time, or there might just be general confusion about the time which helps preserve the secrecy PB is known for.

Quotes from Firmacus Maternus are from the Jean Rhys Bram translation of Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice: Matheseos Libri VIII.


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