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Lilith In The 12th House: The Face of Eve (The Social Servant)

Ever since working on my Marilyn Monroe series last year, “Marilyn Monroe:  A Lilith for Modern Times”, I have wanted to write a follow-up series that explored Lilith in each of the 12 natal houses.  But the past nine months have not been conducive to writing – Lilith was transiting my own MC along with an expansive Jupiter that emphasized her power, and Uranus was crashing on my 8th House cusp.  I was stuck in a job that I loved, but one that did not pay the bills, and with Lilith on the MC, I was caught up in a Lilith-like relationship triangle where I embodied Lilith.  In late March, I finally had to leave the job behind.  Then I had to learn generosity of spirit with an Adam and an Eve I didn’t like very much.  Finally, I found a little time to start writing again…

Let me admit up front that I don’t have all the necessary data or observations to write on Lilith in all 12 Houses – I don’t have any clients with Lilith in the 1st House, 2nd House, or 3rd House at all, and the only people with a 4th  and a 6th House Lilith whose horoscopes I follow are still children.  For this reason, I will begin this article series with the very last natal house, the 12th House, where Lilith is a natural powerhouse, and work backwards, leaving the houses with knowledge gaps for last.

A Note for Newbies:
The house position for your natal Black Moon Lilith can be found by googling "Free Birth Chart with Asteroids", selecting the website Horoscopes Within, and requesting that it display secondary points and asteroids in your natal chart calculation.  The BML symbol is a sickle moon on top of a small upside-down cross.

Keywords for Lilith: 
Deceit, enchantress, envy, home-wrecker, vengeful, shape-shifter, magnetism, magical appeal, cast-off, rejected, miscarriages 

A Note on Black Moon Lilith:
This series is on Black Moon Lilith, abbrieviated BML, the lunar apogee, which is a calculated point in the horoscope.  I first became interested in calculated points while writing a series about Rahu, the Vedic North Node, on my former blog, Slushpile Astrology. This was when I first became convinced that a calculated point could have a lot of impact on a horoscope.

For those who are interested in the asteroid Lilith, here is an interesting article:
Asteroid Lilith  

12th House Lilith:  The Face of Eve

Looking around on the Internet, I found the following descriptions relevant, “Excessively engaged in the social arena…  The native varies between strong interaction with social contacts and periodic retreats to isolation...  The individual helps sympathetically whenever necessary, but may appear to outsiders as if they are losing their identity in the process.” 

Linda Goodman mentions this Lilith placement, “creates an urge for illusions” and suggests that the native likes to flirt with and manipulate their fellow human beings, typically in a well-intentioned way. 

Based on my experience, these natives are “cool”, popular people.  They enjoy tremendous involvement with those around them.  Lilith in the 12th behaves exactly the opposite of the way she behaves in the 11th House, where the natives are far more likely to be loners who only have a few close friends.  The person does serve their wide network of friends, but usually from a position of strength – they don’t do it to become popular – social acceptance is almost a given, unless Lilith is right on the 12th House cusp and influenced by the energy of the 11th House. 

There is a strong element of Eve in 12th House Lilith – the person IS service-oriented.  Recall that Eve was a “helpmate” to Adam.  In this house, however, Eve is usually the beloved, chosen one.  The 12th House is Lilith’s natural home, like the Garden of Eden.

Very little negative energy is associated with Lilith in the 12th House, and what is there gets projected outwards on to others, sparing the native.  The striking envy which Lilith felt for Eve isn’t strongly perceived by natives with Lilith in the 12th House – they are aware that others are envious of their popularity, in many cases, but they either don’t care or will act as if they don’t. These people are quick to size up their 12th House “hidden enemies” – the ones with clout are often made into friends, because 12th House Lilith folks know how to “hold their friends close, and their enemies closer”.

The name Lilith is said to mean, “of the night”. Others may sense darkness in the personality, but it typically isn’t a turn-off.   Male celebrities with this placement may cultivate a certain “bad boy” image and use it to make money – Brad Pitt, Steven Seagal, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Jude Law, John Lennon, and Usher all come to mind.  Eiminem and Usher, both rappers, particularly like to flirt with and manipulate their fellow human beings through this music - proving Linda Goodman's point about 12th House Lilith.

Reader Response
A comment from a 12th House Lilith named Louise on a thread on fit nicely with the experience of three women I know with 12th House Lilith, so I have included her observation below:

Louise Says: I feel that all of my adult life it has always been about "service" to others, my dad, my brother especially.

I was quite popular at school. I was always the leader and never the sheep. People just tended to be my friend. I thought it was due to my Moon in Aquarius as I liked to be different and would start fashion trends with clothes and hairstyles in particular. I used to do my tie completely opposite to everyone else. Their ties were "long and skinny" and one day I decided to do it "short and fat" and then everyone started doing theirs like that. I dyed my hair rich mahogany with a "Toner" and then put Peroxide through it with a tooth brush and my hair went copper and the next I knew, I was going to girls houses after school and doing theirs for them. I bought a lippy called Twilight Teaser and the next I knew everyone else was wearing it. Just things like that really. I always stuck up for the underdog too.

Louise’s remark about being “in service” during all of her adult life, reminded me in particular of tennis star Venus Williams, whose 12th House Lilith is within one degree of her Ascendant.  Her tightly angular Lilith on the 1st House cusp of the body gifted her with tremendous athletic ability, and also a striking fashion sense (Lilith enjoys changing shape with costumes).  Known for having a nicer personality off-court than her famous sister, Serena Williams, Venus has also been “in service” to a demanding father for much of her life.
Monica Belluci has Lilith in the 11 th House.  Some of her photos are such striking portraits of "Eve", however, that I have included one here.

Coming Up Next:

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Joe Biden v. Marco Rubio in 2016

Joe Biden – November 20, 1942
Ascendent – 3 Sagittarius
Sun – 27 Scorpio  12th House
Mercury – 21 Scorpio  12th House
Venus – 28 Scorpio 12th House
Mars – 12 Scorpio  11th House
Saturn 9 Gemini 57
(Note the tight conjunction with the US Sibley Uranus – Biden could calm things down, and get things back on track with this blend of energies, or more negatively, stifle an incipient recovery.)
Uranus  2 Gemini
Moon  0 Taurus
Neptune  1 Libra  (This is partile conjunct the US Sibley MC, which gives Biden a strong boost!

While I am not a great fan of Biden becoming our next President, (most likely because his Saturn at 9 Gemini 57 is too close to my MC at 11 Gemini 31), I concede astrologically that his chances are quite good in 2016.  He is a “power behind the throne” with his heavy natal 12th House emphasis.  His Scorpio signature is similar to Hillary’s (hardworking and intense).  He will win by default if Hillary can’t get her party’s nomination, and this is consistent with how a “power behind the throne” wins.

He would do best if he remained behind the throne, but his Neptune on the Sibley MC gives him a good shot - it insures that he will be a Neptunian President, if elected. He will be compassionate and sensitive, he will also have a tendency to screw up and say the wrong thing (Neptune will be what the country sees - the MC is what is in plain view). Biden could be another Jimmy Carter if he is elected President - your take on this will be influenced by your own political viewpoint.

Marco Rubio - May 28, 1971 - No time of birth available.

Sun 6 Gemini
Moon Around 28 Cancer (approximate)
Mercury 13 Taurus
Mars 11 Aquarius
Jupiter 0 Sag
Saturn 27 Taurus
Uranus 9 Libra
Neptune 1 Sag
Pluto 27 Virgo (Conjunct the US Sibley MC)
Chiron 12 Aries
Rahu 17 Aquarius
BML 6 Libra

Some Observations About Rubio:

Rubio is thirty years younger than Biden - he has very good political instincts, and navigates nuance as well as Obama does, although he does not quite manage Obama's brilliance. He has an unerring ear for how to frame a conservative argument, and will sidestep all the idiots in his own party who "eat their own".

Rubio has the potential to become another Reagan - make no mistake about his Pluto conjunct the Sibley MC by three degrees - and what this potentially means. If elected, he will be a Plutonian President - and the US people may find themselves a bit like Persephone. Your perspective on this will depend on your political orientation, and also perhaps on your interpretation of Persephone as either a victim or a princess who knew exactly what she wants, or both.

Rubio has some natal difficulties with the Sibley that will make it difficult for anyone in his age cohort to ever be elected US President, however. This disappoints me personally, because I am nearly the same age as Rubio, but it is a consideration that cannot be ignored. An explanation follows below:

Rubio's tight Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is true for many born in 1971. This conjunction is square the US Sibley Moon at 27 Aquarius. His Saturn at 27 Taurus is partile square the US Sibley Moon. Three squares to the Sibley Moon will make it very difficult for him to "connect" with a majority of the American people - there will be strong distrust, with Saturn and Neptune forming squares to the Moon (the people), and this will not likely lead to the slim majority of the popular vote needed to pull this election off.

I note Rubio's BML (Black Moon Lilith) at 6 Libra - it is close the Sibley MC, although not as close as Pluto. There could be issues of public rejection or "casting out", with Lilith so close to the MC. This could come from his own party, or from the country at large.

Remember that Lilith is a shape-shifter - with his Lilith so close the Sibley MC, Rubio will shift his shape to please, and do it well (the MC is what is immediately obvious to everyone). Biden does not have this ability. Yet Biden has an extremely potent Chiron-Rahu natal conjunction at 29 Leo and O Virgo - right on top of Regulus, the royal star of kingship. The contest between these two men will come down to the relative strengths of Lilith and Pluto in Rubio’s nativity v. Neptune and Regulus in Biden’s nativity, imo.

Rubio's Sun is conjunct the US Sibley Uranus by 2 degrees - Rubio will "surprise" and "shock" the American people in terms of how well he does in the 2016 election, I feel.  This doesn't necessarily mean he will win.

Rubio's Moon is conjunct the US Sibley Mercury - his emotions, and what voters sense about him "underneath" the veneer, will resonate with the communicative Mercury of much of the American public. His youth (Mercury) will also be adored - it will become a selling point.

Final Analysis: Rubio and Biden both have powerful natal conjunctions with the US Sibley. Hillary Clinton does not - she has only trines. This is why my money is on these two, rather than on Hillary.
The first thing I notice about Hillary's natal with regard to leadership is that she has Ketu right on the Ascendent tightly conjunct Mercury. Ketu operates a bit like Neptune - it makes the Mercury deceptive and foggy. Ketu is also associated with decapitation, and Ketu on the Ascendent axis stays with the person throughout life (it does not shift positions in the navamsa when it is on a natal axis). Ketu on the Ascendent do not usually make natural leaders, although they may marry one ( its opposing demon Rahu is on the Descendent, and Rahu is often a natural leader). They are often "decapitated" leaders when they do strive for a leadership role.

What I notice first in Hillary's natal with regard to the US Sibley is all of her Scorpio planets trine the US Sibley Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Cancer. This suggests "ease" with regard to leadership. She married into a leadership role, hard work notwithstanding, and her career as Secretary of State was "eased" by the fact that foreign leaders had a tremendous amount of respect for her husband, and this heightened their respect for her, and made it "easier" for her to do deals.
The US Sibley Moon at 27 Aquarius must be taken into account - the Moon is the American people.

Hillary's Saturn and Uranus form an inconjunct with the US Sibley Moon, and I see no alleviating aspects. The inconjuncts will make it difficult for her to “connect” with the American people.  She is a “media darling”, but she may not be the people’s darling.
Hillary's most powerful natal configuration is the triple conjunction of Saturn, Mars, and Pluto in Leo, and these are trine the Sibley Ascendent and Sibley Chiron (healing, her interest in health care). The problem is that there are so many trines with the Sibley, and not a single powerful conjunction - a measure of power or "lordship" or "stewardship" of the country.


Readers may wish to refer to the earlier article on The US Sibley, ( and also to my previous blog,

The US Sibley

US Sibley
Ascendent 12 Sag
Midheaven 1 Libra

Saturn 10th House 14 Libra
Neptune 9th House (closest planet to the Sibley MC) 22 Virgo
Rahu 6 Leo 8th House
Mercury 24 Cancer 8th House
Sun 13 Cancer 8th House
Jupiter 5 Cancer 7th House
Venus 3 Cancer 7th House
Mars 21 Gemini 7th House
Uranus 8 Gemini 7th House
Chiron 20 Aries 4th House
Moon 27 Aquarius 3rd House (extremely important, because the Moon represents the American people in an electional horoscope)
Pluto 27 Capricorn 2nd House


Pluto in the 2nd is a powerful placement (natural energy of Taurus) - this country was destined to be dirt poor, or very rich. The number "2" is powerful in this country - think the "2nd Amendment".
In the 2nd House, Pluto influences how this country earns money through taxation – the maze of tax loopholes which favor the wealthy are rather Plutonian – and tax reform doesn’t get rid of this quality either.

Very heavy 7th House emphasis - strong emphasis on all forms of marriage, very strong emphasis on business partnerships – it’s the American national character.

Very heavy emphasis on the 8th House - inherited wealth drives this country. Death and manner of death is remarked on by other countries and other cultures. Magnetic attraction to American culture, combined with distrust and hate of American political system - this is an 8th House phenomenon.

Neptune is the closest planet to the US Sibley MC. This says something about how we get things done in America, our Hollywood entertainment signature, our incredible creative output, our periodic economic wipe-outs, and our exceptional religious belief - as a nation, we put more emphasis on religion than do most other western nations. Political candidates who "connect" with the US Sibley MC or this Neptune stand a better chance than those who don't - this is not infallible, however.

NOV 24, 2013 UPDATE:

Looking ahead to Pluto in Aquarius, I see 2029 as a pivotal year for the US.  Something of a triple whammy will occur this year.

1.  Pluto conjuncts the US Sibley South Node at 6 Aquarius early that year.

2.  The South Node conjuncts the US Sibley Sun simultaneously early that year.

3.  Venus is very close to the US Sibley 2nd House cusp, and may activate both the 2nd House and 8th  House cusps.

Something will happen in the United States in 2029 for which there is no turning back.  As with most things in astrology, it will probably be both good and bad.  Let's get a little closer to 2029 before we start worrying about it, however.