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Saturn in Sagittarius: Where's the Fun?

The author on the first day of spring, 2015. With the Sun, Moon, South Node, Mars, and Uranus all in Aries, the sign of new creation, I finally got an article written for this blog. 

Saturn takes away all of our pleasures when it travels through Sagittarius, it seems.  Long distance travel, or doing anything long-distance, like buying a house or finding a job, gets harder, more annoying and frustrating, or more impossible.    Food and alcohol consumption come under all kinds of scrutiny, because Saturn is afoot in a Jupiter sign associated with expansion.

Sagittarius is also a sign associated with learning, and learning gets harder to do or to find time for, and tests are harder to score well on.  I am not publishing as frequently on this blog – I don’t have time for the self-study and research to write good articles, even though I have some great ideas in my head.

Saturn is retrograding on its way back into Scorpio as I write this, and will arrive on Sun, June 14 – just in time for one last fun summer.  If you want to take a trip, or take a break from your diet, or just kick back and not worry, the early part of this summer (before Venus goes retrograde on Sat, July 25 – after this, the summer will involve more belt-tightening, financial and otherwise) is going to be great.  If Saturn in Scorpio was a sexy time for you, you will also find plenty of opportunities for a last sexy blast this summer.

Saturn will return to Sagittarius on Thu, Sept 15, 2015 right around the time students head back to school.  There will be a strong sense of delayed gratification right around that time for a lot of people – this theme of delayed gratification may have more to do with the core meaning of Saturn in Sagittarius than any other theme. 

We are then looking at 28 long months of not having fun when we want to, getting burned if we are not truthful, and in general, just delaying gratification and waiting things out (hopefully with a goal in mind), right up until December 19, 2017, when Saturn leaves Sagittarius.

Let’s look at some of the things that have been in the news lately, and notice how the Saturn in Sagittarius signature is influencing us.

  •  Last fall, a few months before Saturn entered Sagittarius, the NYT reported that 51,000 law students had the lowest scores on the national bar exam in nearly a decade.  Law school deans are starting to fight back, because the legal profession in the US has already been in serious decline since 2008.  Here is the article:  

MY NOTE:  People who are willing to put a tremendous amount of effort into studying will be rewarded in the next three years.  But many of us are just not natural learners – and for many, it will be harder to learn while Saturn is in Sagittarius.  The exception may be the retired, who have plenty of time on their hands (Saturn rules time) to learn new things. 

  • Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t have a huge success rate treating those of us with alcohol dependence, and people who don’t relate to the AA approach really need to find other ways of controlling their urge to drink.  Here is the article:
          “The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous"

  • Moms who are making money selling off their extra breast milk have found a way to tap into all the concern about the food and drink we are consuming.  This New York Times article made the “Most Emailed” List.

MY NOTE:  Depending on what aspects Saturn makes in your natal chart, this upcoming Saturn in Sagittarius period might be a good time to work on getting back into shape, and losing some weight.  Some people will really find the energy is there to accomplish this goal in the next couple of years. 

Others will lose willpower, and experience a lot of stops and re-starts, or a lot of backsliding and frustration, suggesting a weak Saturn.  Still others will tip over into anorexia, suggesting a Saturn on steroids.  Expect the spotlight and the scrutiny to remain on folks who are under-controlling or over-controlling their diet – with Saturn on the pulse, everyone is all up in your business.

Saturn in Sag also forces people to have faith (a Jupiter quality) in the process of whatever is taking place in our lives, because many of us will not have a “sense of the future” while Saturn is in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is a very future-oriented sign – it likes to expand and make connections with faraway ideas/elements and prosper through doing advantageous deals with faraway people. 

Saturn will restrict these opportunities for all who aren’t lavishly wealthy.  For the rest of us, vacations in one’s own country, or moving to the location where one hopes to buy a home or find a job, are going to be necessary while Saturn is in Sagittarius – being local will lead to success during this period.

Anything far away is going to cost you, with Saturn in Sagittarius.  The dollar is almost equal to the Euro, the first time since 2002.  Look for it to achieve equality once Saturn re-enters Sagittarius around September, 2015.  Americans will find that travel in western Europe is still pretty darn expensive, despite the stronger dollar, while Europeans are definitely going to pay more to vacation or travel in the US.

MY NOTE:  Any local business that can tap the Saturn in Sagittarius angst over obesity or unhealthiness by providing a high-quality, organic product, from weed to homebrews to organic produce is going to get a double boost of expansion energy when Jupiter is in Virgo from Sunday, August 9, 2015 to September 9, 2016.  

In fact, some would argue that we are in the “shadow” of Jupiter in Virgo now, and that this is already occurring.  Jupiter in Virgo is going to look and feel a lot like Saturn in Sagittarius, with a double dose of Virgo’s discriminating critics – expect an interesting US primary race in 2016.

One final comment about Saturn in Sagittarius:  those who haven’t been truthful are going to get burned.  This is a bad time for Hillary Clinton, whose essential secretiveness and tendency to shade the truth, has lost her a huge amount of credibility with the American people.  The March 23, 2015 issue of Time Magazine has this feature on the cover, “The Clinton Way: They write their own rules.  Will it work this time?” 
My feeling is this will not work out.  Hillary is a liar, and her ass is going to have to cash that check in next year’s debates, when other competitors will hammer her for all the emails she withheld from the American public.  Saturn in Sagittarius may sink Hillary’s Presidential ambitions, and an unknown from the state I grew up in, Martin O’Malley of Maryland, may come from behind and unseat the Queen the same way Obama did in 2008.   Or Vice President Biden might step in as a safe default candidate.

O’Malley looks great on paper…for those who are interested, the profile is “Can O’Malley pull a Carter ’76 in 2016?”


What's Up Next?

You might have to wait until Saturn goes back into Scorpio, dears.

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