Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jupiter in Virgo: Refinement in Discernment

National Cathedral as seen from the Bishop Garden with its late summer roses still blooming in August.

On a sleepy Sunday in August, when most DC Metro residents have fled to the beach, I took my trusty cell phone and went to National Cathedral.  The cathedral is cell phone photographer heaven, and I made sure to get there early so I could really have the place to myself.  First, I wandered around outside in the beautiful Bishop’s Garden, and hints of astrology began to “pop”, like the lovely flowers shown below, which just happen to be Tickseed coreopsis named “Mercury Rising”.

Jupiter just made the ingress into Virgo recently, with the Sun and Venus trailing not far behind.  With three planets entering Virgo one right after the other, the energy of Virgo was sure to be heightened in all of our lives.  Virgo is a detail-oriented, hard-working, busy little worker bee.  In ancient times, it was depicted as a young girl (Virgo the virgin) holding a large sheath of wheat, so there are also associations with nourishment, bread, and food and drink of all kinds.

Half-curious, I wondered if the church service would highlight Virgo themes – sermon writers inevitably tap the wisdom of astrology without consciously realizing it.  The earliest Sunday service at National Cathedral is held in the intimate, underground Bethlehem Chapel.  Upstairs, I ran around taking pictures until well past the start of the service, but I finally went downstairs – the underbelly of the Cathedral had a peaceful, dark, shadowy “Hunchback of Notre Dame” feel to it.  On my way down the stairs, I saw a thin, postmodern image of Mary shown below, embracing Christ on the Cross – a moving piece of art in a totally out-of-the-way place.   Finally, I scurried into the chapel, and easily found a seat (no photos taken out of respect).

Just as I tuned into the reading, the lady who was giving it read this verse from the Book of Kings.  And God said to Solomon, “Because you have asked this, and have not asked for yourself long life, or riches, or the life of your enemies, but have asked for yourself the understanding to discern judgment.”  1 Kings 3:11
Bingo!  This, right here.  This is the essence of Jupiter (God and religion and justice) in Virgo (discernment and judgment).  In most astrological systems, Jupiter heightens and expand whatever it touches.  During the coming year, Jupiter will heighten and expand and refine our discernment – this is the gift of the cosmos to those who can sense it, and those who understand what is happening can even choose to focus on things that help bring refinement of discernment about.

Look at which house in your nativity hosts Jupiter this year.  This is where you will feel refinement of discernment, where you will come out wiser and more knowing, and hence hopefully more generous and compassionate, and more able to share your deeper wisdom in a year’s time.  If Jupiter crosses one of your angles this year, as it does for me, you will likely feel this energy show up again and again in random areas of your life.
Not sure what all these folks in the stain glass window at #NationalCathedral are doing to each other. Really ought to give in and take the tour, I suppose...

In what months are you likely to notice this?  Very briefly, at the end of this month, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter will be in Virgo.  Three or more planets in Virgo is going to bring out its best for a lot of folks.  For most of October, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are in Virgo – astrologer Elsa Panizzon writes that doing good will pay off exponentially, and I think she is correct in thinking that service and volunteering will bring unexpected opportunities at this time.

Also, expect to see bursts of sharper discernment when Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception later on this year.  Mercury is in Sagittarius in November, where it naturally and graciously receives Jupiter in Virgo.  So October and November represent an extended run of revealed insight in our personal lives, or private, “a-ha” moments where the dynamics of a person or situation just seem to fall into place.

Looking ahead, March 2016 is going to be a “doozy” in this respect.  There will be insight and refined discernment to the point that it’s painful.  Four planets line up in Pisces on March 15, 2016, including the Sun, Mercury in the sign of its fall at 17 degrees Pisces, Neptune in the sign of its ruler-ship, and Venus in the sign of its exaltation, all opposite Jupiter at 17 degrees Virgo tightly conjunction Rahu (the Vedic demon of constant craving and dissatisfaction who is said to taint Jupiter’s normally justice-oriented behavior).  Wherever this potent opposition falls in your chart is where you will “Feel the Bern” (pun on maverick candidate Bernie Sanders intended).  With a wink and a grin, I can’t help but note that “Super Tuesday” is March 1, 2016, and that important states like Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and Illinois are all voting in March. 

This entire hot mess is square Saturn at 16 degrees Sagittarius, creating a sort of triple mutual reception – Mercury is received in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, Jupiter is received in Mercury’s sign of Virgo, and Saturn is received in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius.  Mercury is a tricky, devious communicator in Pisces, fallen, yes, but not weak.  Saturn is disciplined but uncomfortable in the expansive, far-seeing Sagittarius.  And Jupiter in Virgo is likely to be triggered by the other two planets to deliver some sort of comeuppance to the undeserving.  Whatever happens, it won’t be boring – I think I can promise you that.

Jupiter in Virgo - August, 2015 - September, 2016

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