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Joe Biden v. Marco Rubio in 2016

Joe Biden – November 20, 1942
Ascendent – 3 Sagittarius
Sun – 27 Scorpio  12th House
Mercury – 21 Scorpio  12th House
Venus – 28 Scorpio 12th House
Mars – 12 Scorpio  11th House
Saturn 9 Gemini 57
(Note the tight conjunction with the US Sibley Uranus – Biden could calm things down, and get things back on track with this blend of energies, or more negatively, stifle an incipient recovery.)
Uranus  2 Gemini
Moon  0 Taurus
Neptune  1 Libra  (This is partile conjunct the US Sibley MC, which gives Biden a strong boost!

While I am not a great fan of Biden becoming our next President, (most likely because his Saturn at 9 Gemini 57 is too close to my MC at 11 Gemini 31), I concede astrologically that his chances are quite good in 2016.  He is a “power behind the throne” with his heavy natal 12th House emphasis.  His Scorpio signature is similar to Hillary’s (hardworking and intense).  He will win by default if Hillary can’t get her party’s nomination, and this is consistent with how a “power behind the throne” wins.

He would do best if he remained behind the throne, but his Neptune on the Sibley MC gives him a good shot - it insures that he will be a Neptunian President, if elected. He will be compassionate and sensitive, he will also have a tendency to screw up and say the wrong thing (Neptune will be what the country sees - the MC is what is in plain view). Biden could be another Jimmy Carter if he is elected President - your take on this will be influenced by your own political viewpoint.

Marco Rubio - May 28, 1971 - No time of birth available.

Sun 6 Gemini
Moon Around 28 Cancer (approximate)
Mercury 13 Taurus
Mars 11 Aquarius
Jupiter 0 Sag
Saturn 27 Taurus
Uranus 9 Libra
Neptune 1 Sag
Pluto 27 Virgo (Conjunct the US Sibley MC)
Chiron 12 Aries
Rahu 17 Aquarius
BML 6 Libra

Some Observations About Rubio:

Rubio is thirty years younger than Biden - he has very good political instincts, and navigates nuance as well as Obama does, although he does not quite manage Obama's brilliance. He has an unerring ear for how to frame a conservative argument, and will sidestep all the idiots in his own party who "eat their own".

Rubio has the potential to become another Reagan - make no mistake about his Pluto conjunct the Sibley MC by three degrees - and what this potentially means. If elected, he will be a Plutonian President - and the US people may find themselves a bit like Persephone. Your perspective on this will depend on your political orientation, and also perhaps on your interpretation of Persephone as either a victim or a princess who knew exactly what she wants, or both.

Rubio has some natal difficulties with the Sibley that will make it difficult for anyone in his age cohort to ever be elected US President, however. This disappoints me personally, because I am nearly the same age as Rubio, but it is a consideration that cannot be ignored. An explanation follows below:

Rubio's tight Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is true for many born in 1971. This conjunction is square the US Sibley Moon at 27 Aquarius. His Saturn at 27 Taurus is partile square the US Sibley Moon. Three squares to the Sibley Moon will make it very difficult for him to "connect" with a majority of the American people - there will be strong distrust, with Saturn and Neptune forming squares to the Moon (the people), and this will not likely lead to the slim majority of the popular vote needed to pull this election off.

I note Rubio's BML (Black Moon Lilith) at 6 Libra - it is close the Sibley MC, although not as close as Pluto. There could be issues of public rejection or "casting out", with Lilith so close to the MC. This could come from his own party, or from the country at large.

Remember that Lilith is a shape-shifter - with his Lilith so close the Sibley MC, Rubio will shift his shape to please, and do it well (the MC is what is immediately obvious to everyone). Biden does not have this ability. Yet Biden has an extremely potent Chiron-Rahu natal conjunction at 29 Leo and O Virgo - right on top of Regulus, the royal star of kingship. The contest between these two men will come down to the relative strengths of Lilith and Pluto in Rubio’s nativity v. Neptune and Regulus in Biden’s nativity, imo.

Rubio's Sun is conjunct the US Sibley Uranus by 2 degrees - Rubio will "surprise" and "shock" the American people in terms of how well he does in the 2016 election, I feel.  This doesn't necessarily mean he will win.

Rubio's Moon is conjunct the US Sibley Mercury - his emotions, and what voters sense about him "underneath" the veneer, will resonate with the communicative Mercury of much of the American public. His youth (Mercury) will also be adored - it will become a selling point.

Final Analysis: Rubio and Biden both have powerful natal conjunctions with the US Sibley. Hillary Clinton does not - she has only trines. This is why my money is on these two, rather than on Hillary.
The first thing I notice about Hillary's natal with regard to leadership is that she has Ketu right on the Ascendent tightly conjunct Mercury. Ketu operates a bit like Neptune - it makes the Mercury deceptive and foggy. Ketu is also associated with decapitation, and Ketu on the Ascendent axis stays with the person throughout life (it does not shift positions in the navamsa when it is on a natal axis). Ketu on the Ascendent do not usually make natural leaders, although they may marry one ( its opposing demon Rahu is on the Descendent, and Rahu is often a natural leader). They are often "decapitated" leaders when they do strive for a leadership role.

What I notice first in Hillary's natal with regard to the US Sibley is all of her Scorpio planets trine the US Sibley Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Cancer. This suggests "ease" with regard to leadership. She married into a leadership role, hard work notwithstanding, and her career as Secretary of State was "eased" by the fact that foreign leaders had a tremendous amount of respect for her husband, and this heightened their respect for her, and made it "easier" for her to do deals.
The US Sibley Moon at 27 Aquarius must be taken into account - the Moon is the American people.

Hillary's Saturn and Uranus form an inconjunct with the US Sibley Moon, and I see no alleviating aspects. The inconjuncts will make it difficult for her to “connect” with the American people.  She is a “media darling”, but she may not be the people’s darling.
Hillary's most powerful natal configuration is the triple conjunction of Saturn, Mars, and Pluto in Leo, and these are trine the Sibley Ascendent and Sibley Chiron (healing, her interest in health care). The problem is that there are so many trines with the Sibley, and not a single powerful conjunction - a measure of power or "lordship" or "stewardship" of the country.


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