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Lilith In The 12th House: The Face of Eve (The Social Servant)

Ever since working on my Marilyn Monroe series last year, “Marilyn Monroe:  A Lilith for Modern Times”, I have wanted to write a follow-up series that explored Lilith in each of the 12 natal houses.  But the past nine months have not been conducive to writing – Lilith was transiting my own MC along with an expansive Jupiter that emphasized her power, and Uranus was crashing on my 8th House cusp.  I was stuck in a job that I loved, but one that did not pay the bills, and with Lilith on the MC, I was caught up in a Lilith-like relationship triangle where I embodied Lilith.  In late March, I finally had to leave the job behind.  Then I had to learn generosity of spirit with an Adam and an Eve I didn’t like very much.  Finally, I found a little time to start writing again…

Let me admit up front that I don’t have all the necessary data or observations to write on Lilith in all 12 Houses – I don’t have any clients with Lilith in the 1st House, 2nd House, or 3rd House at all, and the only people with a 4th  and a 6th House Lilith whose horoscopes I follow are still children.  For this reason, I will begin this article series with the very last natal house, the 12th House, where Lilith is a natural powerhouse, and work backwards, leaving the houses with knowledge gaps for last.

A Note for Newbies:
The house position for your natal Black Moon Lilith can be found by googling "Free Birth Chart with Asteroids", selecting the website Horoscopes Within, and requesting that it display secondary points and asteroids in your natal chart calculation.  The BML symbol is a sickle moon on top of a small upside-down cross.

Keywords for Lilith: 
Deceit, enchantress, envy, home-wrecker, vengeful, shape-shifter, magnetism, magical appeal, cast-off, rejected, miscarriages 

A Note on Black Moon Lilith:
This series is on Black Moon Lilith, abbrieviated BML, the lunar apogee, which is a calculated point in the horoscope.  I first became interested in calculated points while writing a series about Rahu, the Vedic North Node, on my former blog, Slushpile Astrology. This was when I first became convinced that a calculated point could have a lot of impact on a horoscope.

For those who are interested in the asteroid Lilith, here is an interesting article:
Asteroid Lilith  

12th House Lilith:  The Face of Eve

Looking around on the Internet, I found the following descriptions relevant, “Excessively engaged in the social arena…  The native varies between strong interaction with social contacts and periodic retreats to isolation...  The individual helps sympathetically whenever necessary, but may appear to outsiders as if they are losing their identity in the process.” 

Linda Goodman mentions this Lilith placement, “creates an urge for illusions” and suggests that the native likes to flirt with and manipulate their fellow human beings, typically in a well-intentioned way. 

Based on my experience, these natives are “cool”, popular people.  They enjoy tremendous involvement with those around them.  Lilith in the 12th behaves exactly the opposite of the way she behaves in the 11th House, where the natives are far more likely to be loners who only have a few close friends.  The person does serve their wide network of friends, but usually from a position of strength – they don’t do it to become popular – social acceptance is almost a given, unless Lilith is right on the 12th House cusp and influenced by the energy of the 11th House. 

There is a strong element of Eve in 12th House Lilith – the person IS service-oriented.  Recall that Eve was a “helpmate” to Adam.  In this house, however, Eve is usually the beloved, chosen one.  The 12th House is Lilith’s natural home, like the Garden of Eden.

Very little negative energy is associated with Lilith in the 12th House, and what is there gets projected outwards on to others, sparing the native.  The striking envy which Lilith felt for Eve isn’t strongly perceived by natives with Lilith in the 12th House – they are aware that others are envious of their popularity, in many cases, but they either don’t care or will act as if they don’t. These people are quick to size up their 12th House “hidden enemies” – the ones with clout are often made into friends, because 12th House Lilith folks know how to “hold their friends close, and their enemies closer”.

The name Lilith is said to mean, “of the night”. Others may sense darkness in the personality, but it typically isn’t a turn-off.   Male celebrities with this placement may cultivate a certain “bad boy” image and use it to make money – Brad Pitt, Steven Seagal, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Jude Law, John Lennon, and Usher all come to mind.  Eiminem and Usher, both rappers, particularly like to flirt with and manipulate their fellow human beings through this music - proving Linda Goodman's point about 12th House Lilith.

Reader Response
A comment from a 12th House Lilith named Louise on a thread on fit nicely with the experience of three women I know with 12th House Lilith, so I have included her observation below:

Louise Says: I feel that all of my adult life it has always been about "service" to others, my dad, my brother especially.

I was quite popular at school. I was always the leader and never the sheep. People just tended to be my friend. I thought it was due to my Moon in Aquarius as I liked to be different and would start fashion trends with clothes and hairstyles in particular. I used to do my tie completely opposite to everyone else. Their ties were "long and skinny" and one day I decided to do it "short and fat" and then everyone started doing theirs like that. I dyed my hair rich mahogany with a "Toner" and then put Peroxide through it with a tooth brush and my hair went copper and the next I knew, I was going to girls houses after school and doing theirs for them. I bought a lippy called Twilight Teaser and the next I knew everyone else was wearing it. Just things like that really. I always stuck up for the underdog too.

Louise’s remark about being “in service” during all of her adult life, reminded me in particular of tennis star Venus Williams, whose 12th House Lilith is within one degree of her Ascendant.  Her tightly angular Lilith on the 1st House cusp of the body gifted her with tremendous athletic ability, and also a striking fashion sense (Lilith enjoys changing shape with costumes).  Known for having a nicer personality off-court than her famous sister, Serena Williams, Venus has also been “in service” to a demanding father for much of her life.
Monica Belluci has Lilith in the 11 th House.  Some of her photos are such striking portraits of "Eve", however, that I have included one here.

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  1. I have 12th house Lilith (in Virgo)and I have always had a wide range of acquaintances and I appear to many as the person who lives an active social life.
    Which is not really the truth. The thing is Im somewhat modest and I dont talk much about my life (Virgo rising), but since Im quite intelligent and have a wide range of interests and different type of friends it seems like I am very social and "cool".

  2. I cannot say this fits me (unless I'm unaware -- 12th). Using the placidus house system Taurus is on 12th house cusp however Lilith is in Gemini in the 12th (I think 'intercepted' is the word) 'hidden'. Ruler Mercury is Rx down under in the 4th.
    Always great to read others interpretation of Lilith.

  3. My husband's ex-wife has Lilith on the cusp between 11 and 12, in Libra (barely into the 12th. I have Lilith in Libra/4th house. Some particular negative energies she carries have indeed gotten projected onto me. She is definitely the "Eve" to my "Lilith." The ex is bipolar, though and has few close friends. Maybe that's the Lilith on the "cusp" thing--she has a tendency to "nuke" her friendships when her mask of selfless service is in danger of being removed. The "losing their identity" thing seems tied to her bipolar disorder. She believes she has "hidden enemies" and she has attempted to use witchcraft to reveal the identities of these illusory enemies. "Excessively engaged in the social arena"... yes. This engagement, she uses for the purpose of creating illusions about who she is, that hide the real person underneath. She is also quite manipulative, and often gets a free pass on it by being charming and disarming. I could go on, but for brevity's sake, I'll just say that everything you noted about 12th house Lilith seems spot-on.

  4. Um no, this is the exact opposite of me! The part about "keeping your friends close but your enemies closer" is very true, but popularity? No. If you knew me in person, you'd know how ridiculous this is and my Lilith is in the middle of the 12th house too! The interpretations I've read on other sites make more sense. This one for example:

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  6. How would a 12th house Lilith which is conj. Ascendant by 2 dgrees play out?
    the lilith is in scorpio and asc. is in scorpio but 12th in libra

  7. Oh and I can vouch for my 12th house lilith... i DO become friendlier toward my enemies... so yes.. its true..
    Kaitlyn, maybe you need to check the birth time? Or maybe its one of the three other liliths are there on your 12th?

  8. Oh and I can vouch for my 12th house lilith... i DO become friendlier toward my enemies... so yes.. its true..
    Kaitlyn, maybe you need to check the birth time? Or maybe its one of the three other liliths are there on your 12th?

  9. No, I am 100% sure of my birth time and my Lilith would be in the 12th house no matter what house system you use. I take these things with a grain of salt because obviously there are other things in my chart (or just my life circumstances!) that explain why I'm so socially inept. I just thought it was interesting how the other article on Lilith in the 12th fit me so much better! To be honest, I think that the problem lies in a poor definition of what Lilith (or any of these asteroids, really) actually means. It's not as well-defined as you know, Venus or Mars or The Moon, and astrologers will interpret it as symbolizing different, often contradictory, things...which isn't to say they're completely meaningless. I tend to interpret the meaning of these asteroids by looking at the myths behind them. But like, I guess I find it hard to understand how a 12th house lilith could symbolize popularity in the first place. An 11th house lilith I could understand. My moon is in the 12th house too and I always thought that was the placement of an introvert...

  10. I have no social life...all my so called friends betrayed me so I just gave up on that. I was never popular at least not in positive way...more like the object of fantasy gossip when ppl make up all kind od ridiculous stories about you. But I thought that would be Neptune on MC