Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The US Sibley

US Sibley
Ascendent 12 Sag
Midheaven 1 Libra

Saturn 10th House 14 Libra
Neptune 9th House (closest planet to the Sibley MC) 22 Virgo
Rahu 6 Leo 8th House
Mercury 24 Cancer 8th House
Sun 13 Cancer 8th House
Jupiter 5 Cancer 7th House
Venus 3 Cancer 7th House
Mars 21 Gemini 7th House
Uranus 8 Gemini 7th House
Chiron 20 Aries 4th House
Moon 27 Aquarius 3rd House (extremely important, because the Moon represents the American people in an electional horoscope)
Pluto 27 Capricorn 2nd House


Pluto in the 2nd is a powerful placement (natural energy of Taurus) - this country was destined to be dirt poor, or very rich. The number "2" is powerful in this country - think the "2nd Amendment".
In the 2nd House, Pluto influences how this country earns money through taxation – the maze of tax loopholes which favor the wealthy are rather Plutonian – and tax reform doesn’t get rid of this quality either.

Very heavy 7th House emphasis - strong emphasis on all forms of marriage, very strong emphasis on business partnerships – it’s the American national character.

Very heavy emphasis on the 8th House - inherited wealth drives this country. Death and manner of death is remarked on by other countries and other cultures. Magnetic attraction to American culture, combined with distrust and hate of American political system - this is an 8th House phenomenon.

Neptune is the closest planet to the US Sibley MC. This says something about how we get things done in America, our Hollywood entertainment signature, our incredible creative output, our periodic economic wipe-outs, and our exceptional religious belief - as a nation, we put more emphasis on religion than do most other western nations. Political candidates who "connect" with the US Sibley MC or this Neptune stand a better chance than those who don't - this is not infallible, however.

NOV 24, 2013 UPDATE:

Looking ahead to Pluto in Aquarius, I see 2029 as a pivotal year for the US.  Something of a triple whammy will occur this year.

1.  Pluto conjuncts the US Sibley South Node at 6 Aquarius early that year.

2.  The South Node conjuncts the US Sibley Sun simultaneously early that year.

3.  Venus is very close to the US Sibley 2nd House cusp, and may activate both the 2nd House and 8th  House cusps.

Something will happen in the United States in 2029 for which there is no turning back.  As with most things in astrology, it will probably be both good and bad.  Let's get a little closer to 2029 before we start worrying about it, however.

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